Living with HipsterGirl and GamerGirl (ENGLISH VERSION)

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160 respuestas a Living with HipsterGirl and GamerGirl (ENGLISH VERSION)

  1. timotheemoulin dijo:

    great work! any chance, you would provide us a rss or atom feed?

  2. Xicor dijo:

    the new ones should be put at the top, not the bottom, but keep up the good work!

  3. Could you translate a few of your other comics to English as well, they look very intriguing but I’m not very good at any foreign language, and I’d really like a chance to read some of your other works.

  4. fasdfadsfas dijo:

    this is horrible how do you people live with yourselves?

  5. tman dijo:

    Naked pictures would be amazing. That would emphasize on my already favorite comic strip.

  6. Warren dijo:

    Hola! Love the comic! Quick question: I see you are already using WordPress, have you thought about adding ComicPress? It might help with a few things…

  7. Valentina dijo:

    Your drawing skills are really amazing! You may find it quite surprising that the character I find the hottest is the guy!^^ I mean it! He’s just my kind! Please, never cut his hair short! *-* (all my apologies for my terrible english!)

  8. Robthegoat dijo:

    One of the best gaming comics I’ve seen. Keep up the good work!

  9. darkzhul dijo:

    Jago mi amigo, debo decirte que este es probablemtne el mejor comic que he conseguido en internet. felicitaciones.

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  12. Friend dijo:

    Epic, like ever!

  13. FireballDragon dijo:

    I hate to be the one to point this out, but in regards to your Power Girl/Superman sexism comic, I present this:

  14. ehsan dijo:

    Gosh I love these comics. Well done Jago…continue your work.

  15. driggooziz dijo:

    Great comics! But i would change layout – new ones should be top, or you should make one page for one comic – now you have over 100 comics on the page, it takes some time to load them all. I would suggest some gallery and previous/next buttons or something :)

  16. bahama dijo:

    Awesome!!! Your comics are awesome!!!
    Keep on with your excellent work!

    @driggoziz: When i check for the newest stripes, i start loading the page, an abort the loading immediatly, when the first pic is loaded. so the other pic’s are there only as a link without picture, like:

  17. Bailey dijo:

    I love these and I’m a woman! I love the ones with the “feminists” criticizing the girls cuz I deal with that a lot, too, having bigger boobs. I love love love “gamer girl” I don’t consider myself one just a girl who plays video games but her and I have a lot in common and my boyfriend says she’s looks like a tanner cartoon version of me XD I want more of these!!

  18. Aleksandair dijo:

    I discovered it today and read all in one go !

  19. Ditto dijo:


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  21. Hydrolog dijo:

    Great job man! Your comic allways lifts my spirits!

  22. JSL dijo:

    I love these comics! Gamergirl and Hipstergirl are hilarious.

    Can’t get over Arthur in #122… Shirt and tie, hair pulled back, chicken bone sticking out of his mouth. Hysterical!

  23. gchaoslight dijo:

    That was good that was really good this comic is the one! For the right price I would buy this comic and I don’t really like comics but I would buy you’re!

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  26. random bystander dijo:

    these comics are AWESOME. just ignore the trolls who see this as sexual. but they really should make more about gamergirl. one could be about her playing the oculus rift.

  27. Cynthia dijo:

    These comics make me feel better about the world. Thank you.

  28. bellons91 dijo:

    Great work! But you should modify this page, it takes too much time to show all the images. You’d better use a gallery with thumbnails and a link to the original image :)

  29. Hariz Afiq dijo:

    why thre are censored, please remove, i know in original it uncensored, please

  30. Arthur dijo:

    The otome girl that he speak with, the simbol on her T-shirt, is from the principality of zeon!

  31. Man, I’d love to be a patron, but your method requires me to sign in into Facebook and I can’t do that because I have no Facebook account and have no intention to have a Facebook account.

    Could you please think of a back-up method?

  32. If u guys are interested, here is a torrent file of it, read it with no internet.

  33. Yukisuke dijo:

    Are you ever gonna make a book for this? If funds are needed I would totally pitch in if you used kickstarter, because I love this comic series.

  34. DevilWithin dijo:

    What software does he use to draw these comics?

  35. kevtee91 dijo:

    Them girls are both so damn hot. Arthur is living both a dream and a nightmare

  36. Seraphim dijo:

    I enjoyed your comics immensly.
    Thanks for taking the trouble to translate them into English.

  37. Jack Albert dijo:

    Could you add a direct link to the most recent picture?

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  39. craftyghoul dijo:

    I love these! Such a great job!

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