comic LWHG page 18

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  1. Arthur ain’t human. Plain and simple. There’s no way a straight guy manages to catch Sophie in this situation while not only catching the towel, protecting her head from the door handle, have 0 skin on skin contact. But also MAINTAINING EYE CONTACT THE ENTIRE TIME! It’s not physically possible. Neil Patrick Harris is gay and he wouldn’t be able to do all this without at least taking a peak.

  2. I’m going to make two predictions regarding the following comics in this wonderful ongoing series.
    First, Artur’s going to focus on why Sophie slipped, stating that she’s dripping wet. Sophie will initially misinterpret his meaning.
    Second, Erika’s appearance will break things up and Artur will leave. Erika will mention to Sophie that she’s never seen someone so squeaky clean playing dirty like that.

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