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      1. Press Ctrl then wheel up on your mouse. It’s a shortcut to zoom in a page.
        The definition adapt on this one (it’s not always the case).
        The zoom up remains for the entire website you use it on.

  1. The sexual tension is too much man, I follow them since the very start, I think it is time to get some Advancement in this plot.

  2. Dude…no. Arthur has been holding himself back, not by lack of Lust or motivation. But he Doesn’t, have, Self-confidence. He brings himself down, thinking any decisions that will make him not regretful in life will bring anyone else down. Thus sticks to a life in which he only appreciates those around him.

    This situation could either go two ways:
    One-way that can tarnish both Sophie and Arturs relationships for good or for worse…oh, much, much worse.
    Second-way that can be a relief comedic cliche, that can relieve the tension.

    (I’m kinda hoping for the second option, it may make the peeps upset. But the show can go on.)

    Jago, you are a grade A, independent bastard and I love you. 😀

    1. Nobody expects Spanish Inqui…. the Mafia.

      Seriously though, I refuse to believe it will end on a comedic relief. No way. Arthur will transcend beyond the limitations of space-time continuum and get a pencil of his own: «Happiness for everyone, free of charge, and may no one be left behind»

  3. Jago, I beg you! Do no resolve it back with a stalemate! You’ll have enough to write about even if you finally allow Sophie and Arthur be together. You’ve build up a really good chemistry for them. But if it will be «back to square one» – you’ll end up with «How I met your mother» situation, where nobody believes in characters anymore and their awkward relationships become boring.
    I’m not asking to make a sex scene, not at all. Just resolve this triangle already

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