LWHG comic page 15


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  1. It really is pathetic on her part to say something like that. Crumble like a wall? I’m kind of hoping that you’ll give her a form of turnaround for her character, like maybe introduced an OG character that will turn her around.

  2. I agree with him about Megan, since she is most likely interested on him out of pride and ego, that any affection or desire for him. A few min-hrs of fun is not worth of consequences afterwards.

    But, like, if he is THAT pent-up, then is better he find some «release» soon, if he don’t want make things akwards around Sophie and Erika or then take the chances with one them.

    1. As someone who played the game before, you feel pretty shitty afterwards. It’s really not a fulfilling experience compared to doing it with someone you connect with, regardless of how attractive the hoe is.

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