LWHG comic #593

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  1. Need to get your facts straight, Jago. 27 studies pooled in 2021 show that the regret rate of Gender Affirming Surgeries is 1% – compare that to 20% for knee replacements, 21% for spinal corrective surgery, 14% for all surgeries in general, or heck.. 10% for just having children. The assertion that gender affirming treatment is harmful to children is not backed up by data.

    1. Studies taken prior to an unprecedented surge in minors seeking treatment.

      Even surgeons who *perform* underage sex changes are raising the alarm.

  2. This is why people are expected to live as the desired gender, receive hormone therapy and get psych evaluations to make sure before the big operations. You know to make sure this is what they really want before anything irreversible is done.

    Nothing like Mr. Garrison on South Park who was a quick outpatient procedure done on the spot after just telling the doctor he wanted to be a woman.

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